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Call: (815) 677-4398 for professional and personal assistance!

Send questions to: UseMyFrame@gmail.com

Call: (815) 677-4398 for professional and personal assistance!

Send questions to: UseMyFrame@gmail.com


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “How long does it take to make a new pair of lenses?”
Answer: Most lenses are completed within 2 to 4 business days from when we receive the frame (faster service is possible if you can email us a copy of your prescription ahead of time).

Question: “What is the difference between all the different lens materials?”
Answer: CR-39 lenses provide very good value and are the least expensive, polycarbonate lenses are a little thinner and lighter than plastic lenses. Trivex are very light, have excellent clarity, and are especially good for rimless frames. High index lenses are thinner than all other options and are recommended for strong prescriptions (usually a sphere or cylinder power of over +/- 3.00), the higher the number the thinner the lenses will be. Glass has superb clarity and is still the most scratch resistant option; however, it will be the heaviest option.

Question: “I am unsure of the kind of lens I have, is it a bifocal, progressive, or…?”
Answer: We provide live appointments via Skype to assist you with questions like this, as well as any others. You may also call us for professional help with all your questions: (815) 677-4398

Question: “What is the difference between a Transition lens and a polarized lens?”
Answer: (Watch our Instructional Videos) Transition lenses are a specific brand of photochromic lenses (like Kleenex is a specific brand of tissue) that darkens in direct sunlight. Photochromic lenses are clear indoors, but darken outdoors. Polarized lenses remain dark inside and outside, and is why they are the preferred choice for permanent sunglasses. One special feature about polarized lenses, is that they dramatically reduce the blinding reflections seen on water, snow, and other shiny objects.

Question: “Do you accept checks or credit cards?”
Answer: Yes, during check-out, PayPal offers the option to pay using a credit card if you do not have a PayPal account, and checks can be mailed to us. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call us.

Question: “How do I order?”
Answer: Ordering is pretty straightforward. As long as you have prescription lenses in the frame you send us, we are able to determine your pupillary distance and segment height (if bifocal or progressive lenses); which are measurements that are not always included in every prescription. If there are no prescription lenses in the frame (whether they are new frames or were somebody else’s), then you would simply ask for them from your local optician/optometrist.

Then you can place your order online, or call it in over the phone, (you can also just send a check along with your frames and tell us what you want done).

Next, send your frames to us at the address below and place them in an eyeglass case (if you have one), and then in a small box with some bubble wrap or newspaper. If you are able, email us a copy of your prescription and we will begin making your lenses while waiting for your frame to arrive.

That’s it. When we mail it back to you (usually 2 to 4 business days after we receive your frame), we will email you to let you know they are on the way.

If you have any questions, or need help determining which lens style or material is best for you, just give us a call and we will gladly assist you.

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