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Call: (815) 677-4398 for professional and personal assistance!

Send questions to: UseMyFrame@gmail.com

Call: (815) 677-4398 for professional and personal assistance!

Send questions to: UseMyFrame@gmail.com

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Step #1:  Select Lens Style and Material (An $8 shipping charge will be automatically added at checkout)

Single Vision

CR-39 Plastic$39
Polycarbonate with Blue Light Filter (Clear Only)$69
Tinted Glass (Gray, G15, Gold, Green, Rose)$139
High Index 1.70$99
High Index 1.74$129
High Index 1.74 with Trans. Gray$199


Flat Top Bifocal

CR-39 Plastic$69
High Index$109

Round Bifocal (24mm)

CR-39 Plastic$69


CR-39 Plastic$129
High Index$169
Trivex (Not available in brown photochromic)$159

View Digital Progressive Lens Packages

Specialty Lenses

X-ray Leaded Lenses – Medical Grade, Safety

Single Vision Lenses$149
Flat Top Bifocal Lenses$219
Progressive Lenses$339

Blue Light Filtering Lenses

Single Vision Lenses, Polycarbonate$69

Step #2:  Select Any Additional Services

Additional Services

Photochromics and Transitions (Automatically Darken in Sunlight)

Photochromic, Gray (Darken in sunlight)$45
Photochromic, Brown (Darken in sunlight)$45
Transitions, Gray (Comes with authenticity card)$65
Transitions, Vantage (Comes with authenticity card)$75
Learn More
Transitions, DriveWear (Comes with authenticity card)$75
Learn More
Transitions, XtraActive Gray (Comes with authenticity card)$75
Learn More
Transitions, XtraActive Brown (Comes with authenticity card)$75
Learn More

Polarized Lenses (True Sunglass Lenses, Minimizes Bright Reflections)

Polarized, Gray (Blocks reflections)$45
Polarized, Brown (Blocks reflections)$45
Polarized, Blue (Blocks reflections)$45
Polarized, Green (Blocks reflections)$45
Infinite Gray (Add to SV Poly Only)$60
Learn More

Fog and Anti-Reflective Coatings (Reduces Glare on Lenses)

Premium Anti-Reflective Coating (one year warranty)$49
Super Hydrophobic Anti-Reflective Coating (two year warranty)$69
Fog Free Coating (Not on High Index)$69
Fog Free + AR Coating (Package Price, Not on High Index)$99

Tinted Lenses (Specify Color When Sending Frame)

Solid Tint (be sure to tell us what color)$15
Gradient Tint (Darker at the top – be sure to tell us what color)$25

Night Driving Tint (Package, Save $$)

Night Driving Tint with AR Coating (Save $15)$49

Mirror Colors (Used on Top of Tints and Polarized)

Solid Mirror Coating, Silver$49
Solid Mirror Coating, Gold$49
Solid Mirror Coating, Blue$49
Solid Mirror Coating, Green$49
Solid Mirror Coating, Ruby$49
Solid Mirror Coating, Special$70
View Available Mirror Colors

Extra Services

Frame Tune-Up (Highly recommended-includes an Ultrasonic frame cleaning, nose pad replacement, realignment)$5
Safety Thickness (Any Prescription Lenses Made to ANSI Safety Standards)$5


Specialty Edging

Drilled Rimless (If your lenses do not have a frame around them)$30
Polish Lens Edges (1 pair)$5

Chemistrie Clip on Lenses

(Available in polarized colors: Gray, Brown, G-15, Amber, Gold Mirror, Silver Mirror, Blue Mirror, Dark Gray Gradient, Dark Brown Gradient, and Computer Lenses-Specify color when sending frame)
Chemistrie Clip (Sunglasses Made to Attach to your Rx Lenses via Magnets) Learn More$150


Cases for Your Glasses!

Glasses Case, Black$5
Glasses Case, Gray$5
Glasses Case, Burgundy$5

Step #3:  Shipping


Shipping, 1 to 3 Day Priority Mail$8

Automatically included in Lens Style (above)


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