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A Guide to Ordering Replacement Prescription Lenses Online for Your Glasses

Order Eyeglasses Online


At UseMyFrame.com, we understand the importance of both style and clarity when it comes to your eyewear. That's why we've designed a seamless and customer-centric experience for those looking to replace prescription lenses in their existing frames.

Our platform is dedicated to providing you with a hassle-free solution that combines the convenience of online ordering with the assurance of precision craftsmanship.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the advantages and steps of using UseMyFrame.com to effortlessly renew your eyeglasses with high-quality replacement prescription lenses, ensuring your frames not only look great but also deliver the visual acuity you deserve. Discover the simplicity and reliability of our services as we redefine the way you approach eyewear upgrades.


Overview of the Process

    1. Complete your order online.
    2. Send us your glasses and a copy of your prescription (if not uploaded or emailed).
    3. Receive completed glasses with updated prescription lenses and think to yourself, "Why did I wait so long before I tried UseMyFrame.com!"
    4. Leave a 5 Star review with all the others!


Ordering Online - So Many Options

 UseMyFrame.com is an independent optical lab and therefore, has the largest selection of lens options available anywhere online. We are usually the first major online retailer to offer some of the latest released innovations from the optical industry. This can make the process of ordering replacement prescription lenses seem intimidating for those who've never done it before.

What follows will help simplify the process and help you choose the correct lens options with confidence. This form should be completed for each pair of glasses separately (unless you have multiple pairs that you want the exact same lens options for).

The following are explanations with actual screenshots from our Order Online page.

 1. What kind of frame do you have?

What kind of frame do you have?
  • Regular - Most frames are Regular plastic or metal (or a combination) and we don't charge extra.
  • Semi-Rimless - Frames usually have either the top or the bottom (more common) exposed and held in by a thin cord. CR39 and glass lenses are not recommended (more on Lens Materials later).
  • Wrap - Usually (but not always) are sunglass that wrap around the face.
  • Rimless - These are fully rimless glasses that usually require drilling into the lenses to attach the bridge and temples.
  • Specialty Edging - These lenses usually snap into the frames using notches (common in some Oakley Flax sunglasses as well as some others).

After selecting your frame type, enter a brief description of your glasses so we know which lens options you would like for each frame (especially when ordering multiple pairs).

2. How will you use these glasses?

How will you use these glasses?
  • Distance Only - For those needing glasses to see far away (usually minus sphere power prescriptions)
  • Intermediate Only (Computer) - Choose this option for a dedicated pair of computer glasses (especially for those with multiple monitors or who view monitors for prolonged use).
  • Reading Only - Dedicated reading lenses. Great for those who read a lot or do a lot of close tasks and want a wider reading area than possible with bifocals or progressive lenses.
  • Distance and Reading (Multifocal) - Choose this option when shopping for lenses that will help you see far, near, and in between (e.g. bifocals, progressives, etc.).
  • Non Prescription - Whether converting a previous pair of prescription glasses to non prescription sunglasses, or just want to wear your favorite glasses without a prescription.

3. Lens Style

Lens Style

  • Single Vision - Correcting only one focal length: distance only, computer use, or reading glasses.
  • Flat Top Bifocal - This lens has a visible line where the bifocal starts and sometimes preferred by those wanting lenses for distance and reading, but not wanting progressive lenses.
  • Flat Top Trifocal - Similar to the bifocals above, only this adds an addition smaller lens directly over the bifocal that's set for intermediate vision (computer use, car dash boards, etc.).
  • Value Progressives - A tried and true progressive lens (sometimes referred to as a, "no-line bifocal"). These progressives will correct for distance, intermediate, and reading with a seamless lens without any lines. These are great progressives at a great price.
  • Digital Progressive - All progressive lenses have an hour glass design when looking out of them: wider on the top, narrowing in the middle, and widening out again at the bottom. Our Digital Progressives are made using the latest optical equipment and offering a slightly wider area of vision than our Value Progressives.
  • Varilux X (not shown in the screenshot above but available as an upgrade to our Digital Progressives) - These are the very latest in digital progressive lens designs that have an even greater peripheral viewing area and are the easiest option for those simply wanting the best.

    4. Lens Material

    Lens Material
    As the different lens materials usually generates the most questions, let's break down to help you make a better decision. If viewing on a smaller screen, hold it horizontally to see this chart better.
     Material Pros Cons Recommended For
    CR39 Plastic Inexpensive, good clarity, great value Not as durable as other materials, does not inherently block UV. Those looking for cheapest lens option. Low prescriptions.
    Polycarbonate Thinner/lighter than plastic, blocks UV, most common material sold nationwide. Used for safety glasses. Some people's vision are sensitive to peripheral aberrations near edges Most prescriptions as poly usually has the most lens options available due to popularity.
    Trivex Very durable, excellent clarity, and best for rimless glasses Not as thin as polycarbonate Rimless glasses, desiring better clarity than poly; but has limited lens options.
    High Index 1.67 Thinner/lighter than all above materials.  More expensive. Stronger prescriptions with a sphere or cylinder power over 3.
    High Index 1.74 Thinnest/lightest material currently available in the US. Most expensive, limited lens options. Strongest prescriptions (over 6) or those wanting the absolute thinnest/lightest lenses. 
    Glass Most scratch resistant material made. Superior clarity. Longer lead time, heavier, thicker. Basic frames with low prescriptions, someone who wants the most scratch resistant lenses.

      5. Lens Color (options will vary)

      Lens Color

      • Clear - Choose this option for clear, everyday lenses that can be used day or night, inside and outside.
      • Photochromic - Technically, any lens that darkens in sunlight is considered a photochromic. Choose this option for less expensive lenses that darken in the sun, and don't get as dark as the name brand photochromics: Transitions.
      • Transitions - The pioneer in lens photochromic technology. These lenses usually have several advantages over most generic photochromics:
        1. Darken faster
        2. Return to their clear-state faster
        3. Usually darker overall in sunlight
        4. Consistent colors (grays look gray and not blue or purple)
        5. Available in more color options (Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, etc.)
        6. Have specialty lines (like the XtrActive which gets even darker and made for those especially sensitive to bright light).
        7. Here are short video showing some differences:
          1. Difference Between Photochromic and Transitions
          2. Difference Between Transitions, XtrActive and XtrActive Polarized
          3. Real World Demo of Transitions Style Colors
          4. How Long it Takes for Transitions to Darken and Lighten
      • Polarized - Dark sunglass lenses that block glare. This is usually the best option for a dedicated pair of sunglasses; however, the polarized filter can make some instrumental panels difficult to view and not recommended for pilots.
      • Solid Tint - We can make/match just about any color and shade. These are best for those looking to add a little style to their lenses as this color will always be visible and will affect how you see the world. When specifying the color, you can say you want them light, medium, or dark (for example: medium blue). We will email you a picture of how they look before shipping them to you so you can easily let us know if you want them slightly lighter or darker.
      • Gradient Tint - Similar to the tint option above, only this will make the lenses darker on top and lighter on the bottom. This adds a very fashionable style to your lenses and can make seeing things like you dashboard a little easier.

      6. Lens Coatings (options will vary)

      Lens Coatings

      All of our lenses come with the scratch resistant coating at no extra charge (except glass). The additional anti-reflective coatings offer better scratch resistance, and better visual clarity overall, even during night time driving.

      • Anti-Reflective - Helps reduce reflections on the lenses resulting in better visual clarity.
      • Super Anti-Reflective - Adds an additional oleophobic layer that makes the lenses easier to clean, and stays cleaner longer.
      • Blue Light Filter with Anti-Reflective - Helps reduce eye strain/fatigue when working on computer screens for extended hours. Also especially helpful for improving clarity by reducing the blue light scatter on the retina while driving at night. 
      • Fog Free with Anti-Reflective - Helps prevent the lenses from fogging up with a permanent coating that last longer than wipes or sprays. Is recharged by cleaning with isopropyl alcohol.
      • Crizal Rock - The most scratch resistant coating among all scratch resistant coatings. Comes with best-in-class warranty.
      • Crizal Sapphire - Crizal's newest coating that offers the same scratch protection at the Crizal Rock; but improves even more for higher lens transparency (clarity).

        7. Mirror Coating

            Mirror Coating
            We have the largest selection of available mirror colors to choose from online. These usually look best when added to lenses that are either tinted or polarized and add a unique style to any lenses.

            8. Chemistrie Clip on Lenses

            Chemistrie Clip on Lenses
            These are custom made clip on sunglass lenses that are made to match your frame. We drill mount a small magnet on the top, temple corner of your prescription lenses, and a slightly larger magnet in the clip on lenses. Each set of Chemistrie clip on lenses comes with its own magnetic carrying case for easy carry. Watch a short video here.

            9. Prescription Information

            Prescription Information
            Choose the best option for you for how you want to send us your prescription.

            10. Send us Your Glasses!

            Send your glasses to this address (our address is also located at the bottom of every page). If you choose Yes (Your Box), then we'll email you a prepaid shipping label so you can reuse a box you already have, print the label, and mail your glasses to us. Alternatively, you can choose, Yes (we'll send you a box) and we'll mail you a box to use with a prepaid label inside so you never have to leave the house or wait in lines. 

            11. Complete Your Purchase

            Simply add your lenses to your cart and scroll to the top right of the page and click on the shopping bag to enter checkout. From here, you'll enter your shipping information and payment. That's it!
            We complete most jobs in under a week in-house, though some lens options may add additional time (coatings, etc.). You'll receive an order confirmation that you can write on the outside of your box. When we ship your finished glasses, you'll receive an email from us with the tracking number and estimated delivery date.
            If you have any questions, or there's something specific you're looking for but it's not listed, email us at: UseMyFrame@gmail.com or call (815) 677-4398. Also, look for the live chat icon near the lower right of your screen and we'll be happy to help, day or night!