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Scuba Wholesale

We support dive shops too!

We love helping dive shop owners who want to provide prescription lenses in their customer's scuba masks.

  • Simple Ordering - We make the process as easy as can be! One simple form that you can fax, email, or just send a paper copy with the mask to us
  • Upfront Pricing - Our prices are listed right on the paper forms you fill out, no hidden fees!
  • Pay-As-You-Go Terms - No large monthly statements; instead, we email you an invoice with each shipment that you can pay online, or set up autopay! Saves you time and keeps you up to date on your expenses.
  • Fast Turnaround - Most jobs are completed in-house under a week and rush options are available.
  • Glass Lenses - The glass lenses we make are bonded to the inside of the masks using an optical quality adhesive. This means your customers will have the same great optical clarity out of their new scuba mask as their everyday pair of glasses!
  • Bonded Lenses - We never break the original seal of the mask, so leakage is never an issue. Nothing ruins a scuba dive like a leaky mask 50 feet down!

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