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Your Independent Optical Lab!

Whether you're an an Eye Doctor/Optical store looking for a full service lab that provides expert edging for perfect frame fitment, or for just surface uncuts and stock lenses only, we provide the services that will save you time and money!

We offer the largest selection of world-class lenses from all major manufacturers: Essilor, IOT, Hoya, Seiko, Vision Ease, Younger Optics, Somo, and more! Same for coatings, and special high power work. If your regular lab can't do it (difficult frame, high power, strong prism, etc.), send the job to us!

Every job is carefully checked at each stage to ensure the lenses you ordered are the lenses you receive. No more calls to disappointed customers that have to start the waiting game all over because the lenses you received were incorrect!

With industry leading technology that's made friendly and easy to use, we are a one-stop-shop for all eye doctors and opticians located in the united states!

Why Choose UseMyFrame.com for Wholesale?

  • Fast Turn Around - We complete most jobs within 2 to 4 days!
  • Awesome Prices - We work hard keeping our prices low so you remain profitable!
  • One-Stop-Shop - No matter where you are in your Optical journey, we're here to help you succeed. Start by using our full services, then as you scale and are ready to invest in equipment of your own, use less of our services. Why take unnecessary risk when you don't have to?
  • Personal Service - No phone menus here, you'll always talk to a real person.
  • No Breakage or Training Staff - Save on overhead!
  • Easy Account Set Up - Most accounts are set up within an hour and ready to begin placing orders into our system immediately!
  • End of Day WIP Reports - At the end of every work day, you'll automatically be emailed a Work in Progress report¬† as to the statuses of your jobs.
  • 100% Independent¬†Owned - No corporate policies to restrict our product availability, pricing, etc. This is decided by our customers - you!
  • Remote Ordering - Enter jobs and check their statuses in real time using any web browser, and device! No special programs to download or legacy software to keep updated. Seamless integration - our lab is your lab!
  • Stock Lenses - Enter your job in once and if a stock lens is available that will work, it will automatically be chosen! No more paying surface prices for stock lenses! Also, we calculate automatically for decentration and prism so gone are the days of ordering stock lenses only to find out they won't cut out! No more filling out lens ordering charts and you get records keeping program that you can always reference to find past Rx's, etc. Our lab program becomes your lab program-save money!
  • Dropshipping - Yes! We can even mail completed glasses to YOUR customers, even under your company logo (cleaning cloths, cases, shipping labels, etc.).
  • Accidental Forgiveness - 60 Days no questions asked one-time remakes! Enter the prescription incorrectly? Forget to add the prism? Accidentally choose clear lenses when you intended to order Transitions? We offer a one time remake for any reason within 60 days - how awesome is that?!
  • Scratch Warranty - One year scratch warranty with our premium AR coating, and two years with our super AR coatings! Don't have to return original lenses and we can ship the new lenses only, so your customer doesn't have to be without their glasses!
  • Top Tier Edging Services - We do not mass produce jobs on edgers! So you receive¬†glasses where the lenses perfectly match the frames. No more forcing lenses that are too big into frames to meet quotas (our actual frame breakage is almost null!), no more calls from your lab that, "we broke another frame" (even though most don't admit it anyway).
  • Archive Tracings - Our edging system is so accurate that when our customers' patients renew their prescriptions a year later, our eye doctors/opticians order just the lenses and install themselves!
  • Pay-As-You-Go - No more large lab bills! Instead make easy payments as your completed jobs are shipped (Auto-Pay available too!).
  • Free Prepaid Shipping Labels - We send you prepaid shipping labels from UPS so you don't even have to go to our website and print them; just stick on a box and send them in!

A Quick Look at How Our Remote Ordering System